Point of no Return

Point of no Return

The Obsessor The evening sun warmed him as the launch navigated him closer to Wyndemere and even closer to achieving his success. Nikolas's grand birthday to celebrate turning 21 was in full swing and as the devoted girlfriend, Emily was by his side. With a cold smile he quickly went over the plans for the evening one last time. With Gia already in place, in a few short hours, everything would change for the woman he loved. Nikolas would be humiliated and Emily would be shattered. As she sought shelter, Lucas would gallantly step in and become her closest confidante.

Lucas closed his eyes at the dream of brushing the tears from her flawless skin, enfolding her in his embrace, whispering words of comfort as she clung to him for support. In time, she would grow to love him, he was sure of it. The intimacy would deepen from friendship into something she had never had with Nikolas. Hardening at the visions of him and Emily joining in ecstacy, Lucas barely heard the gruff tone of the driver who announced their arrival. Hastily covering himself up, Lucas bounded from the launch and briskly strode towards the looming mansion. Hearing the familiar sounds of a joyous celebration, Lucas was shown into the grand ballroom where it seemed all of Port Charles had assembled this evening.

"Lucas!" came a happy cry as Nikolas pulled his step-brother into a warm hug. Lucas played along, plastering a wide grin to his face as he glanced over Nikolas's shoulder to see Emily approaching. "Happy Birthday big brother."

*A continuation of the postcards Patience andPossession


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