The Old Souls The uncomfortable faces of the young couple only confirmed Stefan's suspicions. The meeting at the Quartermaines had gone poorly. "They were furious," Emily said, a pained expression in her voice and Nikolas instinctively took her hand and pulled her close. "Spending the summer with Nikolas in Greece wasn't what they had envisioned for you," Stefan said as Bobbie joined her husband. "I'm sorry, I could speak with Monica if you'd like," she offered sympathetically. Emily shook her head. "I'll give it a few days, maybe they'll come around. AJ thinks I should go for it," she said, smiling slightly.

"I knew I always liked your brother," Nikolas teased gently and Emily laughed. Nikolas's face lit up at her brightened visage.

Unfortunately, the lovesick young man who spied on the gathering clenched his fists jealously as he hid atop the staircase. Lucas gritted his teeth as he watched Emily rest her head against Nikolas's shoulder. Patience he assured himself. The time will come for you and Emily. After all, you saw her first. Nikolas will have to learn that the hard way.