One Day

One Day

The Memory The sight came as quite a shock. Faith Ward felt hot tears spring forth as she observed the picnic from a safe distance. They seemed like the typical family, laughing and smiling. Mother, Father, children. Correction, LuLu was not Stefan's child, but that did not stop him from treating her as if she was.

Still, Faith couldn't help but smile as she watched Stefan dote on the small girl. She'd always known what a wonderful Father he was. Nikolas knew too, by the look of joy and admiration on his face as he watched his Father. It would be wrong to intrude, no matter how strong the ache in her heart was.

Still, it should be her in that moment, not Laura Spencer who often treated Stefan as though he were gum stuck to the bottom of her shoe. But Stefan always carried a soft spot in his heart for her. The ache in Faith grew with that knowledge. Turning on her heel, Faith took a breath and headed back to her vehicle, absently rubbing her slightly distended abdomen, calming both herself and the child within. One day, she promised herself and the life inside her. Your Papa will have a family with us too.