On Borrowed Time

On Borrowed Time

The Man of Many Conflicts "How can this be?" He looked at her, lost and unable to comprehend what she had just told him. "You're young and healthy." His eyes filled with tears and his voice broke as he continued. "You're pregnant."

Faith took a seat beside Marcus, clutching his hand tightly. "Nothing will happen to the baby, she'll be fine. I can hold off chemotherapy until after she's born." Tears cascaded down her cheeks, mirroring Marcus's own heartbreak. "That means your chances will decrease, right?" He swallowed hard, barely able to suppress the howl of mixed pain and rage that demanded release.

Faith nodded. Marcus turned towards her, "is there any other way? Anything we can do?" He desperately sought for any sign of hope from his new bride. Faith refused to look away, despite the dire situation. "You can love me," she whispered fiercely. "I can love you. We can support each other and love each other like we vowed to." She twined her hand with his and their matching bands of gold shimmered in the sunlight. "Then that's what we'll do," he promised, sealing his vow with a kiss.


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