The Right Stuff He bristled as he came upon the man waiting patiently in the hall chaise. "You are not welcome here," he said coldly. Dade Phillips said nothing as Jason Morgan stalked towards him, fury etched on his face. "Keesha made her choice."

Dade tilted his head slightly, wondering just how far did this man's delusions go? "Yes, she has," he said, the certainty in his voice unnerving Jason. Did this man know something he didn't? With a guarded expression, he dialed the security number into his cell phone. "Send Keesha down," he barked out. He waited a moment, shock registering as the reply came. "What? Where is she?" he thundered.

"Right here." Keesha stood at the entryway, suitcase in hand. "I've made my decision Jason, I'm leaving you." Turning to her husband, she smiled, "I'll be in the car." Dade rose from his seat, crossing the room to stop any attempt Jason made to follow her. "You don't go near her, ever," he warned the furious young man. "I don't want to have to come back here and neither will you."

"She's my wife," Jason started before Dade cut him off. "She was your wife, but when you put her son in a coma, you ended any future of her staying by your side."

Never being a man who tossed around threats in a meaningless fashion, Dade wanted the next passage to be taken with the utmost seriousness. Dropping his voice to a near whisper, he spoke in a calm and deadly manner. "Now I will tell you for the last time, you come near my wife or my step-son, you will regret it. As a Corleone, I can promise you that my word is my oath."


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