The Panther "I was wondering when you'd get here." Dara jumped back, startled by the voice. Her eyes widened as she cast her gaze on Dante Vasileios, nursing a drink while resting comfortably on the king sized bed. Clad in stylish, not to mention snug fitting clothes, Dara's mouth watered as she drank in the sight.

"What are you doing here?" she finally asked. Dante's mouth twitched slightly, as if fighting off a grin. "You know, years ago, your Father and my Father decided that both families would be better off as a united front. Dominik was too old for you and besides, you and I seemed to fit together much better. So we became betrothed to each other." His low, seductive voice did not go unnoticed by Dara.

As he spoke, his eyes raked over her, observing the simple yet elegant outfit that accentuated her curves, complementing her in every way imaginable. Dante wasn't surprised when he felt himself harden at the thought of being with Dara, as he had dreamed of for years. "It left me wondering," he said softly.

"Oh, really" Dara stammered, unable to turn from his smouldering gaze, a familiar warmth growing between her legs. The desire for him that she had carefully guarded over the years suddenly abandoned her. Every nerve ending seemed to twitch and shudder with each passing second. "I wondered why we never took it any further", he started slowly, his gaze locking onto hers. "We are meant to be, novio, yet year after year, we dance around it."

Dara walked slowly to the bed, knowing full well it could be her undoing. This moment seemed so different from all the others. Something clicked into place and looking at him draped on her bed, she finally decided that what she wanted she could no longer resist. A smile slowly adorned her face. "Well then, should we make our Fathers happy and return home engaged?" Dante's eyes narrowed, curious at her suggestive tone. "Or," she said, her voice dropping huskily, "should we cut to the chase and find out right now?" She gracefully sank onto the bed and crawled towards him slowly. Dante swallowed hard, his grip on his drink tightening. He coughed once before answering.

"I think we should cut to the chase."