New blood

New blood

The Bad Boy "I trust your trip went well." The cold voice echoed around the room and Helena turned to the stranger. The brooding, yet devastatingly handsome man eyed her from his seat, his expression serious. Helena raised her chin, ready to take the foul stranger head on. He must have a death wish considering what could have possessed him to kidnap her like this. "Why am I here?" she demanded.

A flicker of amusement passed over him as he announced, "this is your new home." The strength in his tone unnerved Helena. "How dare you!" she shouted at him, her own voice bouncing angrily off the walls.

"If I'm going to successfully run the Cassadine Empire, then I need to ensure that you know your place and know it well," he said in an even tone. Helena let out a shrill laugh in response. What a ridiculous thing to say! He smiled, his aquamarine orbs darkening. "Your sons are illegitimate. In fact, none of Mikkos Cassadine's children are of proper birth," he said breezily, nodding his head to the guard who in turn, gave Helena the folder of information. "By that measure and Cassadine law, the next child after Mikkos would inherit the family dynasty, so long as a legitimate male heir was produced." Helena's face twisted in horror, the history she had painstakingly concealed for decades was now laid out in detail before her. "Victor Cassadine was the 2nd born son," he added politely.

"Who are you?" she asked, gripping the folder tightly in her hand, her voice noticeably weaker. The stranger's expression darkened even further. "Alexander Cassadine, Victor's son, which makes me the Cassadine prince and heir."

Helena sneered in response. "You have nerve to do what you've done and you will pay dearly for it!" Alexander let out a roar of laughter at her pathetic attempt to intimidate him. "I'm a Cassadine Helena, I don't need nerve, I'm family." Rising from his seat, he paused by the doorway. "If you want real nerve, then you'll love meeting Yelena."

"Yelena?" Helena spat out, refusing to show weakness. Alexander nodded, tossing her a smirk.

"My sister and your namesake."