Mirror Image

Mirror Image

The Sad Girl "Hello Uncle Stefan." Sabrina's only child regarded him with a flat tone that only hinted at the burried emotions within the solemn child. "Asha," Stefan replied softly, bussing a soft kiss against his niece's cheek and he felt her stiffen at his touch. He swallowed hard and bit back tears. "Where is your Father?"

Asha Jacks stood firm. "Fixing the fence. He wants it done before we leave." She gave no indication nor emotion of what lay ahead. Sabrina's funeral was to be held the next day, only a few family members were invited. Despite his now lethal feelings towards the Cassadines, Jerry knew that Sabrina would have wanted those she cherished to be near, especially Stefan. Stefan regarded Asha closely, making no mention of the now missing Cassadine pendant that the family had given her years earlier. "I know you hold me responsible," he started in a pained voice. Asha abruptly turned, unable to allow any further to pass. "You may come inside if you wish Uncle. I have to pack." For now, a shadow was all she could permit him to be.

For now.


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