The Wild One She hadn't intended on staring. Her only night at the Quartermaine mansion and the first order had been to get a lay of the land before turning in. Hearing the distinct sounds of someone being in the pool, she had stood near the poolhouse, keeping herself in the shadows and waited until the intruder stepped into the glow of the moonlight. She was barely able to stifle her enormous gasp when he finally did.

His perfectly sculpted physique made her mouth water, her pulse quickening as she watched him stand poolside, uninhibited by his nudity. He took his time slicking his hair back to let the excess water drip down. Grabbing the towel near his pile of clothes, he liberally dabbed off the rivulets of water that clung to his frame and with every passing second, Faith felt her arrousal grow increasingly stronger. A dip in the pool didn't seem like such a bad idea.

"Faith!" Her eyes bulged as she heard Reginald call for her. He turned and this time, she could not prevent the gasp from escaping. His eyes seemingly narrowed in her direction, and after a moment, a slow smile grew across his face. "You'd better let Reginald know where you are," Jason said calmly. Faith shut her eyes guiltily. "I'll be up in a minute Reginald!" she finally called back, trying to quell her jittery nerves. The jig was up and Jason was now making his way around the pool towards her.

"Faith Ward," Jason said breezily, easily cornering her between the brick wall and poolhouse. Feeling his ice blue gaze bore into her did nothing the quench the heat growing in her belly. "Emily mentioned you were finally coming to Port Charles. How do you like it so far?" There was a hint in his voice that Faith tried to ignore as she swallowed hard. "It's nice," she managed. Jason frowned, shaking his head slighlty. "Then I haven't been doing a very good job have I?" Closing the gap between them, he looked at her intently. "Don't worry, I intend to rectify that. Immediately."