Love Burns

Love Burns

The Sadness "Barbara."

Bobbie let out a shiver and glanced down the steps of the Browstone. His determination was annoying at first, but now, she was really angry. "You have no right being here," she snapped, placing her hands on her hips. "You lied to me."

The pain in her voice struck him deep. It had been a foolish choice to keep her in the dark about Carly's Father. Now, with tears brimming in her eyes, he knew he had gone too far. "Victor Cassadine is her Father and you knew all this time," she spat out.

He had sat on her cold, hard steps all night to explain and now with her standing in front of him, all those explanations were useless. He loved her, with all he had and yet he had squandered all that they had to clutch onto something he had no right to withhold. "I'm sorry, Barbara. Truly, I am," he whispered.

Her lips quivered, undeniably, his words were sincere and the love that shone from his unwavering gaze still made her heart swell, but things were different now. "First Luke, now you. Everyone I thought I could trust has lied to me about the things I hold closest to my heart." Now the tears for both flowed freely. "My children and my work are all I have now," she declared bitterly to him, her voice cold as she wiped her tear stained cheeks. "I'm not looking back this time. Just like I told Luke. It's over Stefan, go home."

Stefan watched her march down the sidewalk, determination in her stride. "My home is with you," he whispered brokenly.