Lost Boy

Lost Boy

The Prodigy Dawn was his favorite part of the day, and each morning before that time, he would rise and make his way along the white sandy beach until he got to his favorite spot where he could watch the waves of the Aegean sea crash against the rocks. The warm, salty breeze brushed against him in a rhythm he'd gotten used to over the past few years. A part of him hated the beautiful waters in front of him. They were his prison, surrounding him completely, cutting him off from the outside world.

Another part of him ached to dive into it and hide from the life he was forced to live. Many times the serenity of the underwater world had brought him peace when he felt he couldn't bare living another moment.

The faint orange glow of morning creeped along the horizon and Lucky Spencer knew another day was in front of him. Another day of guards, routine, silence and the unbearable knowledge that his family believed that he had already come home. He clenched his hands into fists. He wondered what kind of chaos his imposter was creating for his friends and family. He wondered about the woman he loved.


He made a silent vow, as he did every morning before he returned to the mansion. He would get back to those he loved, to his home, to Dawn. One day.


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