Looking Back

Looking Back

The Risky Choice Looking back, she could see so clearly all the wrong steps she'd taken to get here. Pushing aside any doubts or fears or knowledge that nothing good would come from it in the long run, she'd throw herself headlong into the inferno that was Sonny Corinthos.

Burning had never felt so good. And that's what his touch did to her. Consumed her, took her breath away, made her delirious and set off an almost wild chain reaction in her. Filled with a kind of passion most men would shy from or worst, be intimidated by, he defied her expectations and rose to meet her challenge.

The same challenge was now present in the dark pools that now gazed at her expectantly. The band of gold on his finger told her what her answer should be.

But when it came to Michael, she found herself breaking all the rules. Surprisingly, it wasn't hard to do when what you wanted made you blind with hunger. And Dara had been starving for far too long. Blindness be damned, she would not be denied.

He waited in patient silence and she smiled. It wouldn't be long before that patience and silence were tossed away once the lights dimmed and clothes were shed. Looking back, she wondered what had taken her so long to find him and in doing so, find herself? The band of gold flashed in the light and as she fell into his arms once more, Dara knew that eventually the time would coming when looking forward would consume her thoughts. But not yet.


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