Little Man

Little Man

The Wee One "Looks like the little man is awake," Sonny crooned softly as he nestled his son comfortably in his arms. Drew looked up at his Father, wide eyed with rapt attention. "Look at you, looking up at me. You're waiting for me to teach you about the world around you, isn't that right?" Drew blinked and Sonny smiled down. Drew's mouth fluttered as he attempted a smile of his own. "See? Already trying to do what Papi does. Guess that means Papi will always have to make sure he behaves himself so his little man will grow up to be an even better man than his Father ever dreamed of."

Sonny leaned down, nuzzling his nose against Drew's. Drew wriggled happily at the touch and let out a giggle. "I'll let you in on something," Sonny whispered. "Your Mama is what made me realize what kind of man I wanted to be. What kind of man I needed to be. For her and now, for you." From a distance, Dara watched, silent tears streaming down her face. "I promise Mijo, to you, that I will make you proud to call me Papi." With that promise, he pressed a gentle kiss against his young son's forehead.

A continuation of the postcards Blessed and Drew Us Together.