Little Girl

Little Girl

The Inheritance He didn't even need to raise his head when he heard the footsteps approach. He knew the tentative, yet stubborn footfalls anywhere. His gaze rose from the ground until it met hers. Warm, brown orbs melted away any annoyance he'd felt by her foolish decision to come here.

"Little girl," he intoned warily, "you shouldn't be here." Flipping her shoulder length hair back, she crossed her arms in front of her defiantly. "I'm not a baby, in a few months I'll be drinking age," she said hotly. Unable to suppress the chuckle, his face broke into a genuine smile. Jumping down from the ledge, Aedan Lavery cupped the side of Emily's face in his hand, his fingers brushing her smooth skin. Emily's nerve endings tingled at his touch, her mouth releasing a gentle sigh. Aedan knew better, he'd always known better the minute he'd laid eyes on the spirited beauty just a few months earlier. Still, despite all the risks brought on by her connected brother, Jason Morgan, he'd found himself drawn to her.

"I want to be with you," she whispered, almost shyly as his mouth descended onto hers. Momentarily stunned, Aedan almost pushed back before his desire overtook him and his lips plunged back towards Emily once more as the words of protocol lingered in his head, unable to fade completely. Agent Lavery, you're involvement is vital to bringing down the Morgan/Corinthos organization.