The Clever Girl Skye smirked as Gia Campbell and Carly Corinthos downed their drinks before loudly declaring their anger at being unceremoniously dumped by their respective partners to the patrons who paid them no attention. Emily had been thrilled when Nikolas proposed earlier in the evening and she'd heard about Sonny's whirlwind romance and marriage to Sabrina DeLane. Much to the relief of their family and friends, both men had rid themselves of their leeches.

Flicking her head in their direction, Skye waited until the burly security men had approached the drunken women before she came over. "You've had enough tonight girls, let's call it a night." Carly's eyes flashed angrily, the Vodka shots she'd taken making her unsteady on her feet. "You bitch," she slurred, "you take my club and my man from me!" Gia narrowed her eyes, attempting to focus on the blurry image in front of her. "Tell your sister and my ex-fiancee to go to hell!" she spat out. Skye blinked, unimpressed by the display.

Waiting until they were outside in the parking lot, Skye faced the two women as they were loaded into the waiting cab. "Listen girls, you were never the real deal for either man. The sooner you learn that fact, the better."