The Connection She had always been so soft to touch. His fingers rested ever so slightly on her shoulder, grazing her skin. Her gaze drifted to his, saying nothing. Memories of their time together lingered in the back of both their minds. Now it was time to part and never look back. "I love you," he said suddenly, his eyes intensifying with the burning passion he knew he would always feel in her presence.

"This has to end," she replied softly, the sadness in her heart saturating her tone. "I have to be getting back," she added, not wanting to even think about leaving him. He would have to walk away first.

No last kiss, no warm hug, no promises of being together one day, AJ knew it would be too much for both to even touch on what they meant to each other and what they so desperately wanted. Finally he nodded, took one last look at her and let her go. He turned and walked quickly from her, never looking back to see her tears cascade down her cheeks.

She shivered as the wind picked up, memorizing his last touch to memory, storing it away with all her other treasures of him. Keesha Ward-Morgan could still feel the warmth of him, lingering as she watched him disappear from view.