The Sweet Boy Sabrina couldn't help but smile as she entered the sweltering greenhouse. Only a few hours in his new home and already Jack Bauer relaxed as though he'd been here all his life. "Nice markings," she nodded to his tattoos. Allowing a slow smile, he glanced at one. "You're only young once."

Sabrina took a few steps towards him, still finding herself unusually shy around the soft spoken man. "I got mine last year," she said. "I think you can be young as long as you choose." Jack tilted his head. "Fair enough. Can I see it?"

Pausing for a moment before smoothly unbuttoning her jeans, her gaze rose momentarily, catching his watchful eye before she shimmied her snugly fit jeans down her hips ever so slightly, revealing the marking she showed few. He leaned forward, "Snoopy?" he said with a chuckle. "Gotta love Snoopy," she replied with a laugh of her own. Hopping from the bench, he lowered himself to get a better look at the cartoon character, his proximity not going unnoticed by his new wife. "Very nice," he observed, his breath fluttering across her creamy skin and Sabrina stilled the shiver that responded. Rising, Jack did not move back to give Sabrina the room needed to pull her jeans back up her hips and neither did she. Their eyes connected and for the first time, the two freely studied the other, neither removing themself from the close quarter they kept. A gentle cough interrupted the moment as a young servant girl, averting her gaze from what she believed was an intimate moment, nervously addressed the couple. "Mrs. Cassadine would like to meet Mr. Bauer in her study immediately. Alone."

*A continuation of the postcards Complicated, Simple Task and Truth.