Last Night

Last Night

The Outlaw "Faith."

She shivered at the sound of his voice and despite her best efforts, the images of the previous evening came to mind at rapid speed. Her cheeks flushed and she licked her lower lip. Clutching her bag to her, she turned to face Jason Morgan, fresh from his morning swim. "I was wondering when you'd get here," he said, his ice blue gaze raking over her in an appreciative fashion. Her two piece bathing suit fit her like a second skin and accentuated her womanly curves perfectly. Curves that Jason knew all too well.

"Jason," she started. "That's how you said it last night," he interjected, his hand resting against his inner thigh. Her eyes darted to the area and instantly she wished she handn't looked. Or was she just excited by it? Her heart thumping against her chest, she realized that she wouldn't be getting her usual swimming done today. She had a feeling about these things. A hint of a smile tugged at Jason's lips, he had the same feeling. "Faith," he said again before her index finger pressed his lips shut. "That's not how you said it last night."

*This is a continuation of the postcard Mercy