Just one look

Just one look

The Soul Stirrer To the untrained eye, his glance in her direction was not worthy of so much attention and scrutiny. To anyone who knew them, betrayal was something neither had even fathomed in their long partnership that had really been a brotherhood.

Until Keesha Ward had returned to Port Charles, neither brother believed it was even conceivable that just one look could shake the solid foundation of their friendship.

But the instant Jason Morgan interrupted a steamy moment between the only man he truly trusted and the only woman his former self had ever loved, something inside him clicked and new feelings surged forward. The unquestionable bond between himself and his mentor suddenly and irreperably, changed.

He wanted her. He wanted Keesha Ward's lips to be ravaged by him. He wanted to bury himself inside her and feel her quiver at his touch. Not Sonny.

Never again Sonny.

Most had warned Jason that his blind loyalty to Sonny would be a price he would pay for dearly. As Jason flicked his gaze back down to the folder in front of him, he knew very well that now, those tables had turned. In a few short hours, Sonny's whole world would be flipped upside down. He wouldn't see it coming a mile away.

Sonny had taught Jason well. It would be his gravest mistake.


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