Jack of all Trades

Jack of all Trades

The Survivors "You'll never succeed," Helena hissed. "You're far too weak, you always have been." Her hate filled voice sadened her youngest son, but long gone were the days that her contempt controled him.

"On the contrary," Stefan said smoothly, pulling the card from his breast pocket. He held it up for Helena to see. "You gave me this card the first time I defied your orders. I was never going to be king and you ordered me to learn my place in the family."

Helena's mouth twisted into a vile grin. "That remains true to this day. You've become the pathetic weakling I always expected you to be."

Wordlessly, he nodded his head to Alexis, who in turn gave Helena a folder containing all the information Stefan wanted her to have. "You have no power, no funds, nothing," he reported calmly. "Your precious King can't protect you from me."


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