The Mother and Son The resemblance was uncanny. It struck him so completely that he nearly gaped openly in the busy foyer of the courthouse. Quickly he regained his composure and sought the refuge of a nearby corridor, his gaze never leaving the sight before him. He was not surprised to see Alexis here, he'd heard through the grapevine that she'd followed her cousin and nephew to Port Charles. He smiled in spite of himself. Still as beautiful as when he first saw her all those years ago.

It was the other one that had taken him for a ride. Zander Smith, A.K.A. Alexander Lewis standing next to Alexis. They were a mirror image of each other and by the looks of things, had no idea of their real connection. Robert Scorpio shook his head sadly. His Alexis standing mere inches from the son she believed was dead, he was sure of it. Helena he thought angrily. Alexis turned and spoke to Zander and in response, Zander smirked, a charm playing about his lips. Robert paled with recognition at the expression.

Alexis wasn't the only one standing a few short paces from the child they had never known.