The Vision He watched her from the edge of the Olympic sized pool, quietly appreciating her strength and determination to finish the exhausting routine she would do at the crack of dawn, 4 mornings a week. As her powerful strokes brought her closer, he bent down, a warm smile etched on his visage.

If she was startled, she didn't show it. Her smile mirroring his, she slicked back the excess water from her hair, her dark orbs open and friendly and yet, a deep curiosity that wondered what on earth he was doing here.

"You look strong out there, you've competed, yes?"

Carrie shook her head and he reared back slightly in surprise. "Really? I've always found a bit of competition is good for the spirit." His voice had dropped an octave with his declaration, something that didn't go unnoticed by Carrie. His gaze lingered momentarily, before the warm smile returned. "Forgive my rudeness, we have not yet been formally introduced."

"It's alright," she assured him. "No, no, we are family now," he insisted, his dark eyes glittering at the implication. She shivered as he pressed on. "My name is Stavros Cassadine, I am you new brother-in-law."