The Family Man "You should be in your room." Alcazar did not lift his gaze as he addressed his nephew quietly. "I'm bored," Tommy replied. "I hate sounding like a pain in the ass, but I want to go home." Alcazar continued to gaze at the amber liquid in the glass. "Do not use foul language, it upsets your Mother." Tommy rolled his eyes as he thumped into a seat opposite his Uncle. He studied the older man's features, seeing that the unexpected deaths of Sonny Corinthos and his wife had shook the man deeply. The unkempt look his Uncle had been sporting worried him. "You didn't arrange it, Mom knows that," he offered. "She's just hurting right now." Alcazar's gaze finally pulled up and met his nephew's concerned visage. "You look more like your Mother with each day that passes," he said softly.

"She knows you aren't responsible," Tommy implored, seeing the tortured look behind Alcazar's dark eyes. "Give her time, Uncle Luis, she didn't mean what she said." More silence passed and Tommy knew it was useless for now. His family was falling apart and he felt powerless. Furrowing his brow as he headed towards his room, he knew it was time for him to step up and to whatever he could to repair the damage.

*A continuation of the Alcazar/Corinthos postcard arc