The Hypnotizer "Just who the hell are you?!" Alcazar turned, his gaze centering on a hard looking blonde woman. "Mrs. Corinthos," he replied. "I'm so glad you've finally arrived."

Carly swallowed, feeling her cheeks warm as the handsome man lazily raked his eyes over her frame. "Do you have any idea who my husband is?" she said, her anger faltering as he pulled himself from the pool, the soaking shirt clinging to him like a second skin. It didn't take a genius to see that a well built physique lay underneath. Her mouth watered at the sight and she failed to notice the first cough of her guard to stop her from gawking. Alcazar grabbed a towel and liberally dried himself as he walked towards her. "We have much to discuss, Mrs. Corinthos." Carly's eyes finally snapped up, meeting his now hardened gaze. A chill ran down her spine and she was grateful her guard was nearby.

"I don't think so," she said defiantly, straightening her stance. Alcazar threw his towel aside and like lightening, was mere inches from her smirking expression. "You are the interloper who took my sister's happiness from her by invading her marriage. Simone has asked me to leave Sonny untouched," he said, his tone dropping to an ominous hush, "but I have made no such consessions for you."