The Hot Head "JERRY! Jericho Jacks you show your face right now!" The maid scurried away in fright as Isabella Jacks-Cassadine came blazing through the french doors of her big brother's villa.

"Izzy," Jerry crooned teasingly as she scowled at him, reigning in her temper before it got the best of her. "Don't call me that! Not after trying to sabotage my wedding day!" Jerry heaved a plagued sigh and leaned towards her in his chair. "Isabella, I was only trying to show you what kind of man-." Isabella's eyes widened with rage and she pounced. "What kind of man?! At least he didn't try to ruin his sister's happiness by falsifying pictures!" She bent down, poking a finely manicured finger into his chest. "Stay out of my marriage Jerry! I love you and know you care, but I am a grown woman who can and will make my own decisions. If those decisions are mistakes then I can handle them without your interference!"

Jerry sat back, momentarily stunned by the fire in her voice, the confidence in every word she said. He'd never pictured her as anything other that his baby sister, emphasizing on baby.

"Izzy," he started, his voice more soft and apologetic. "I only want what's best for you." Isabella's face softened and she knew he meant it. "I know but you have to stop bossing me around, big changes are happening and you're just going to have to get used to it, okay?" Jerry nodded grudgingly, "just give me time to breathe between these big changes okay? My heart can't take it," he teased.

Isabella smiled sweetly in response. "You got it, no more secrets soon to be Uncle Jerry."

*A continuation of the postcard A New Life