The Innocent Imposter His expression darkened as the trio made their way across the busy club towards him. D.A. Scott Baldwin, Detective Taggert and A.D.A. Dara Jensen, all wearing the same detatched expression.

"Where were you two night ago?" Taggert asked in a low, confident tone. "We already know your wife was at her Mother's and Morgan was with his sister. Joseph Sorel is dead and your prints are all over the place. So where were you?" He brought out the gleaming hand cuffs and placed his hands on his hips, waiting for Sonny's denial.

"I'm innocent," Sonny replied calmly. His black orbs flicked to Scott Baldwin's disbelief. "I didn't kill Sorel, nor did I order his death. I was at home."

Scott let out a chuckle. "Do you have a witness that can verify for you?"

For the briefest moment, Sonny's gaze locked onto Dara's and held it there. "No," he answered more softly. "There is no one."