His Own Man

His Own Man

The Wild at Heart Alejandro knew his Father would be unhappy with the young girl pressed up against him. Detective Carmine Garcia frowned at the young couple but said nothing as they stood in the doorway.

"Hijo, it's time for dinner," his Mother called from the kitchen. Alex moved to allow Felicia to pass through the doorway first but his Father remained stubbornly in place. "Say goodnight to your friend," he said gruffly to his son. Alex bristled at his Father's dismissal. "Her name is Felicia and I have invited her to dinner," he replied quietly.

Alex knew it would come to this one day. His Father ruled their family with an iron fist, but Alex's spirit was restless and wanted to be free of his Father's unbending ways. Father and son glowered at each other as several uncomfortable moments passed. Seeing his Father refuse to back down, Alex took Felicia's hand in his. "Tell Mama I'm sorry but if Felicia is not welcome in this home, than neither am I."


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