Hey, ladies!

Hey, ladies!

The Smooth Ones Tommy Hardy and Lucky Spencer pulled up to the stop light, and casually gazed at the car next to them. "Holy shit," Tommy murmured under his breath as the driver, one Alexis Davis turned to the two young men. He swallowed hard as she smiled at the younger men, her eyes latched onto his for the briefest moment, the expression revealing nothing from what happened at his place last night. "Emily!" Lucky called to the passenger, and Alexis's newest legal assistant peered around her superior and grinned at Lucky. "Hey!" she called back and Lucky's smile widened. "I'll call you tonight!" he promised and she blushed in response.

Alexis looked at Tommy once more, her brown orbs searching him, was last night a one night only thing? It had been very unexpected, but she couldn't get him out of her mind. Tommy's breath shallowed as her want matched his. He licked his lower lip. "Hey, ladies! Where are you off to?" Emily laughed at Tommy's bravado, "the office, but I'll be off by 8p.m." Tommy glanced at Lucky, then back at Emily. "He won't call you, he'll pick you up."

As the light went from red to green, Alexis caught Tommy's eye once more before Lucky put his pedal to the floor and roared off. "I have to make a quick stop first," she said to Emily, making a sharp right turn. "I just realized I'm out of red wine."


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