Good Girl

Good Girl

The Good Girl Faith knew better. She knew the longer she allowed herself to drown in Jason's ice blue gaze, the harder it would be to pull away. Yet she still couldn't resist him or his touch. The memories of a few short hours ago flooded her and she wondered if she'd ever be able to let him go. Or vice versa. Jason had always come and gone quietly, saying little other than what he knew made her toes curl and her heart throb with desire. He'd never stayed the night until now. Glancing back, she saw he was no longer dozing. Instead his glorious and uninhibited nude physique crawled towards her. She smiled when his arms snaked around her, his mouth pressing gentle kisses along her shoulder. "Tired?" he asked. Faith shook her head, "just thinking." Jason's fingers grazed her skin lightly.

"Do you want to stop?" he asked calmly. Faith turned around and shook her head. "But," he prompted and Faith smiled slightly. "Alot of people wouldn't be happy about this." Jason's eyes flickered with amusement. "I know the feeling." Faith tilted her head, "how do you deal with it?" Jason's response came quickly as his mouth lowered to hers and Faith's concerns melted away. "Did you feel that?" he murmured, brushing a few strands of hair from her face. Faith nodded, still breathless from his kiss. "I know by finding out what's real and what's not. And this is real to me. You need to find out if it's real for you too." Faith let out a nervous laugh. "That could take me awhile." Jason's fingers traced along her jawline tenderly. "We have all the time in the world," he said before their mouths met once again in duel. As they fell back onto the bed, one last thought raced brieftly through Faith's mind.

She may be the good girl Faith Ward and he may be the bad boy Jason Morgan, but right now, being together was all that mattered to her.

*This is a continuation of the postcards Mercy and Last Night