The Mystery There he was.

Relief washed over Brenda Barrett's face as she approached him. Smoothing the invisible wrinkles from her Dolce&Gabanna outfit, Brenda strode towards him, determined to catch his eye. He'd been ignoring her this entire trip, rebuffing her late night attempts to seduce her way into his room. As she approached her destination, his handsome features came into view and she was positive he wouldn't dare resist her advances now. Like all the others, he would be hers.

She frowned. He wasn't even looking her way! Furious, Brenda jerked her head in the direction he was gazing at. Sucking in her breath at the shock, clarity dawned on her a moment later. Keesha Ward had just entered the room. Brenda looked back at him, and then to Keesha again, an awful realization filling her. He hadn't been playing hard to get.

He was already gone.


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