Friendly Fire

Friendly Fire

The Ace in the Hole "Ned." Ned looked up in surprise as he spotted Detective Alejandro Garcia leaning against the wall as though he'd been waiting for Ned's arrival. "Detective," he replied curiously.

"I can't allow you inside," Alex said, his voice low. "Alexis needs a breather and you're pressing against the boundaries she set." Ned's back immediately straightened at the no nonsense tone in Alex's calm voice. "That's my daughter!" he insisted, pointing an angry finger towards the NICU. Alex let out a slow breath. "On paper only. Alexis is grateful you stepped forward and for that, is willing to allow you in her daughter's life but she's always made it clear she's going to be a single Mother. You can't change that."

Ned's expression turned incredulous. "And you are?" he demanded. "Brother-in-law. Sabrina didn't want to get involved, but since she was there when you threatened to tell Sonny the truth, you got her back up a bit and she does not take kindly to anyone threatening her family." Taking a step forward, Alex's frown deepened. "So back off on that little girl and her Mother."

Silence filled the small space between the two men as Alex placed his hands into his pockets. "You can be pissed all you want Ashton, but don't forget to be grateful as well." Ned gave Alex a look filled with disbelief. Cut off from Kristina should make him grateful? "How do you figure?" he asked sourly.

"Could have been worst. Stefan could have been the one to hear you utter threats to his sister. That would change everything."