The Cool Head Carly Corinthos didn't know whether to be annoyed or flattered. Glancing at Dade Phillips appreciatively, she decided being flattered suited her needs far better. Offering a coy smile while she waited for Francis to bring the car around to the front of Wyndam's, she watched as his smile deepened. A thrill rushed through her when he casually pulled himself from his spot against the wall and slowly made his way towards her. Her marriage with Sonny had ended badly and it had been awhile since she'd felt appreciated by someone as mouth watering as Jerry Jacks' right hand man. Dara Jensen could have Sonny if she wanted, Carly thought crossly, she could snag anyone she wanted too.

Straightening her stance, Carly tossed her hair back and offered her best flirtatious smile. Only a few feet from her now and already her blood was pumping a mile a minute. She could just feel it, those strong arms embracing her, those lips assaulting her in a most welcome manner, his well built physique lowering onto hers...

Her eyes shut brieftly as his cologne invaded her senses and she felt a slight brush against her arm. Carly opened her eyes and was momentarily surprised. Where did he go? A delighted squeal and a suitably male laugh caught her attention and Carly whirled around just in time to see Dara Jensen wrap her arms around Dade in a decidedly amorous moment. Her lips thinning with disgust, she practically dove into the waiting car, but not before catching the searing kiss between the couple. "Bitch," Carly sulked as the car pulled from the curb.