Father of Mine

Father of Mine

The Shadow Despite the urgency of his visit, confronting her near the launch to Spoon Island would have been unwise. With Helena Cassadine flexing her muscles and her son, Stefan, presumed dead, a dramatic shift was in store for the entire family. He needed to ensure that those he loved were protected and she was most definitely at the top of that sacred list.

She bustled noisily into the darkened apartment, kicking off her heels. He waited until the deadbolt lock slid into place before revealing himself to her. "Did you have fun tonight?"

She startled at the intruder's voice, but recognition dawned a few moments later and her fear hardened into distaste. Old feelings surged and she refused to hide it. "You can't just come in here," she bristled as she entered the room. He regarded her seriously, saying nothing until her own expression matched his.

"Father?" Her voice was soft and unsure. Something was terribly wrong. "Pack your things, we leave tonight" he instructed, the dark glint in his eyes silencing any objections she had. Castor Vasileios was not a man to quarrel with, she knew that better than anyone. "Jace?" she asked. "Downstairs waiting," he replied. She nodded slowly, wanting to know more but she knew that her questions would have to wait until they were somewhere safer. With that, Sabrina DeLane grabbed the emergency valise she'd kept for times like these. Turning to Castor, her demeanor mirrored his.

"I'm ready." Like Father, like daughter.


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