Fatal Blow

Fatal Blow

The Temptress "Did he believe you?"

Isabella turned her attention to her co-conspirator and nodded slowly. Sonny's pained expression haunted her, even days later. Certainly she knew the information about Sabrina's return from the dead would pain her ex-lover, but not quite as viciously as she had seen that night. "When will he find her?"

"A few days. My people are trailing him and keeping tabs on Sabrina. Explosions should come just in time for the weekend." His satisfied expression unnerved her. "You want Dara back this badly?"

Justus Ward narrowed his gaze at Isabella. "Sonny stole my fiancee from me. When Dara sees that he's been chasing his dead wife, she'll be looking for comfort." The implications were clear. Isabella hugged herself tighter. It had seemed like the perfect solution at the time. Get the one they loved back, deliver the fatal blow to Sonny&Dara's marriage using Sabrina as the perfect weapon.

But is this what she really wanted?

Justus studied her thoughtful gaze curiously. "No turning back now," he reminded her. "What's done is done."

A chill ran down Isabella's spine. Had her thirst for avenging her wounded spirit driven her this far? Justus' words were truer than she could have ever imagined.

*A continuation of the postcard Thin Ice.


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