Fair Warning

Fair Warning

The Second Coming "Miss me?"

Stefan stood rigid in the doorway entrance to his private suite. He wouldn't even begin to question how she'd slipped past security and now lounged as though she hadn't a care in the world. He knew his Mother's namesake better than that. He frowned in her general direction, knowing it was better to play along with Yelena's games than battle them. "It has been some time, little one," he remarked, placing the dossier on his bedside table. "Alexander?" he queried. Yelena shrugged. "He's busy with business." Stefan zeroed in on her casual mention. "Business?"

Yelena allowed a slow smile. "Since Helena's untimely death, Alexander has made enormous strides in reminding the family of our Father's rightful place, considering all of this," she noted with a sweeping of her hand, "will be his one day."

Stefan's back stiffened at the implication. "Why are you here?" His demand was met with a throaty chuckle as Yelena rose from her position and crossed the room towards him. "Fair warning," she murmured in his ear. "This empire will be returned to its proper Prince, and as Princess it will be my responsibility to ensure that transition is done smoothly. Considering you were responsible for the previous coup, I need to ensure a repeat performance is out of the question." Reaching past him, Yelena carefully picked up the framed photograph of Dominik. "You wouldn't want to put those you love at such a terrible risk, now would you?"


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