The Blossom "Hey Dre!"

Andresj's face broke into a grin as he greeted Emily outside the PCU cafe. She looked radiant as she beamed at him and for a moment, he wondered if whether the sparkle in her eyes was meant just for him. "Emily! It's so good to see you! Are you meeting someone?" he asked carefully, not wanting to get his hopes up. Emily nodded, "Tommy's just getting some new books for the semester. It's so beautiful out so I decided to wait out here," she said, titling her head up to the cloudless sky as the sun shone down on them. Andresj swallowed hard at the vision before him, nearly losing all sense of rational thought. Emily was Tommy's girlfriend, not his. Tommy was his best friend and despite the envy that seemed to grow with each passing day, he would never do anything to disrupt their relationship, or even give wind to his own wants.

Emily sensed the sudden quiet in her friend and jumped from her spot. "You okay?" she asked softly, concern evident as she touched his forearm gently. "Yes," he quickly replied, offering an easy smile. "Just a little under the weather," he said, using a phrase he'd heard Emily say every now and then. Emily's smile returned. Sadness filled him as he spotted Tommy cross the well manicured lawns towards them. She saved her best smiles for him. Andresj turned away as Emily leapt into Tommy's open arms, blinking back unexpected tears. Father had suggested a return to Greece to him a few nights earlier, probing his suddenly sullen youngest child for insight into his troubles. Perhaps, Andresj decided, now was a good time to consider getting away from Port Charles.

And Emily.


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