Easy Does It

Easy Does It

The Honorable Husband Jack glanced at Sabrina as he bent down to tie the laces on his black shoes. Everything he wore was new and expensive, but appearances, while sometimes deceiving, were also a necessity. "Are you going to be okay?" he asked, sensing her uncertainty at his meeting with Helena.

Sabrina expelled a nervous breath. "Just be very careful. Don't let her trap you. Take your time with your answers, she appreciates a thoughtful mind, but don't act like you're trying to outsmart her." She bit her lower lip. She didn't like the idea of him going into meeting Helena cold. She hadn't prepped him enough yet. "Act stupid, but don't act like you're acting stupid, okay?"

Jack rose, ready to assure her that he would return to their chamber alive and breathing just fine when Sabrina impulsively leaned forward and gave him ample reason to do so. Her lips captured his, startling him, and before he had the chance to respond, she pulled back, slightly breathless. "Easy does it," she instructed. Jack blinked before letting out a shaky breath. "Right, easy does it."

*A continuation of the postcards Complicated, Simple Task, Truth, and Liason.


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