Drew Us Together

Drew Us Together

The Doting Dad The sight warmed her heart, but did not erase her own need to hold her new son. "Am I gonna get some face time with my little boy at some point?" she teased the doting Father.

Sonny grinned at his child as the little one's dark eyes gazed up at the world around him. Dara nestled in close to her men and reached out to touch the small hand that flexed and waved in the air excitedly. "He knows his Mama is here," Sonny murmured before bussing Dara tenderly on the cheek. As if on cue, their son grabbed for Dara's finger, clutching onto his Mother tightly. The gesture drew gentle laughs from his parents and an adorable grin from the little boy they loved so dearly.

"He needs a name," Sonny noted. Dara grinned at her son, "he's got your dimples," she noted lovingly. "He's got your smarts and strength," Sonny replied as he handed over the precious bundle to Dara. "Everything that drew us together," she replied softly.

They paused before their heads rose and their gazes locked. Dara smiled once more. "Drew," she said more clearly. "Andrew," she clarified. Sonny stroked her cheek, an adoring look in his eyes, "but to us, he's Drew."

*A continuation of the postcard Blessed


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