The Conniving Bitch Perfect.

Katherine smiled smugly as she recalled the look of complete devastation on Dara Jensen's face when she'd entered her lover's private entrance to his bedroom suite only to find Katherine Bell clinging to Stefan in the king sized bed, both of them obviously nude. He had looked peaceful and Katherine, triumphant.

"Maybe you should knock," Katherine had coldly declared as Dara dropped her briefcase, shocked by the sight before her. Katherine possessively snaked her arm around Stefan's waist, prompting a low growl of appreciation from the base of Stefan's throat. Dara had seen enough. Tears blurred her vision and she had rushed from the room, not noticing Stefan's unfinished brandy sitting at his bedside. Katherine eased out of the bed and took the glass towards the ensuite bathroom, dumping the remaining liquid and the drug used to sedate Stefan, into the toilet. She'd done her part, the rest was up to Helena.