The Avenger Michael backed from the room in a daze. His beloved Jewel with his own brother. How could they do this to him? The pain of seeing them together was overrode by one of anger. Of course Morgan would do something like this. His younger brother detested him, he always had. Morgan had believed that the Quartermaines had orchestrated the moments leading up to his Father's death. From an early age, he'd lumped Michael into the same category, despite being brothers.

But Jewel.

Michael's face constricted with the pain of watching the woman he loved find what she wanted in another man's arms. Never would he expect this deception from her.

He stumbled down the hall, still reeling from the shock, the image of Morgan and Jewel replaying over in his mind. The sighs, groans and whispered words of unseen things made his blood boil. Emerging from the building, Michael's pain and anger turned to something far more sinister.

If Morgan could so easily destroy something he knew was precious to his brother, then Michael could do the same.

With a sinister grin, he flipped open his cell phone and expertly dialed the number as he slid into his Benz. "Sasha!" he greeted pleasantly, "how are you?" As he manoevered the streets, he listened patiently. "Listen, what are you doing right now?" When she replied that her schedule was free, Michael smiled, his gaze fixing on the road ahead of him.

"Come by for lunch," he invited, his smile growing as the sister Morgan treasured more than anything in the world accepted the offer. Clicking off the phone, Michael muttered. "You'll have to learn to not come after what's mine the hard way."

*This is a continuation of Deception, which is also found on the main Postcards board.