The Sweet Girl He couldn't quite pinpoint just when she stopped irritating and started mezmerizing him. Faith Ward tossed him another grin and he blushed deeply. Horrified at his display in front of his younger brother, Jerry Jacks sent back a scowl, which did not deter the young girl who only wiggled her eyebrows in response. Despite his embarassment, Jerry laughed.

Behind him came a mischievous giggle and Jerry whirled around. "Jax!" he barked at the little boy with tousled blond hair. Jax's hands flew up to stiffle another loud chortle and he scampered off behind the bushes, escaping Jerry's wrath, for the time being.

Turning back, Jerry's mouth dropped open slightly as Faith stood a few inches from him. "Your brother is cute," she commented. Jerry found his speech after a few moments. "He's a pain, he's always getting in my way." Faith smiled sympathetically. "I know the feeling, Justus is like my shadow sometimes."

"I guess you and I finally have something in common," Jerry blurted out. Awe, mate, why don't you just put out an advertisement in the paper he chastized himself. Faith's eyebrow lifted with interest. "Are you actually trying to be nice to me Jerry Jacks?" she questioned sweetly. "NO!" Jerry insisted, feeling his cheeks heat up once more. Faith laughed as she turned and sauntered from him. "Good. I like you better when you're grumpy."