The Unexpected Duo 6 short months ago, she was seemingly happy. Deliriously in love with Michael Quartermaine and preparing for the wedding of the year. Jewel Jacks had always loved dancing along the fine line between a risk and a mistake, but this affair was something entirely different.

His gaze smouldered as he looked down at her. As usual, there seemed to be a battle of wills going on behind his eyes. Wild, careless abandon struggling against the knowledge of who he was bedding.

"Michael's always gotten what he's wanted," he murmured. "Not this time." Morgan Corinthos brushed her hair aside with a gentle touch. Jewel's stomach fluttered and she knew nothing good would come from this. Michael was a good man and hurting him was not what she wanted. Yet she made no move to end the trail of kisses Morgan placed along the nape of her neck, instead pulling him closer, bathing in the heat of him pressed against her.

Betrothed to one brother and in love with the other. As Morgan's mouth captured hers in a searing kiss, neither noticed the shadowy figure that silently entered the room...

*Jewel Jacks appears courtesy of Truth Revealed. Morgan Corinthos is the son of Sonny and Carly Corinthos, half-brother to Michael Quartermaine and often reviled much like his Father was.