The Charmer Sabrina cursed silently, knowing full well that opening the door to him would mean more of the chaos that Jerry Jacks so frequently brought into her life. Yet here she was, door ajar, her rigid pose showing him just how trying he was most of the time and why she had left him all those night ago.

But the familiar thumping of her heart and twitching of every nerve ending were hard to ignore. Damn! Everytime she came within ten feet of him, he somehow easily swept aside her strongest barriers that fended off the most valiant of her pursuers. Now was no different than any other time. "What do you want Jerry?"

He was staring. At her, through her, into her. That penetrating gaze that made her weak at the knees and left her mouth parched. He hadn't said a thing and already, she was almost prepared to throw in the towel, drag him into her suite and remind him of why she was still angry. Knowing herself, it would be an all nighter. Knowing him, he'd take her even further.

He shifted slightly, tilting his head to the side. "Ahh, luv," he murmured to her, his gruff voice washing over her like a powerful wave. God, she had missed him. She was ticked, but her aching heart seemed to override the dissipating swirl of anger. "You know I couldn't stay away," he said, his voice dropping an octave, his smouldering eyes locking onto hers.

"I think that's my line," she replied, somewhat breathlessly. He was doing it again, and as usual, she never really seemed to mind. The merry-go-round of Sabrina and Jerry that drove her friends and family nuts was starting back up again. She'd never get tired or dizzy or bored and neither would he. Two peas in a pod they were. A satisfied smile adorned her face as she gazed at the man who spun her round and round.



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