Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear

The Leader The sentries had quickly moved into place before he'd even realized of the visitor, crouching in the grass. The visitor seemed alone but Sonny knew now more than ever that the kind of strangers who ambled into his world were rarely solitary. He rose from his spot on the blanket, his expression tight and cold. Johnny quickly swooped in, moving Sasha and Morgan to safety. With a quick nod from Francis, Sonny approached the visitor. "Here to introduce yourself?"

The visitor glanced up, his expression unchanged. "No," he said. "I am here to offer you an alternative." His soft Spanish accent quickly confirmed to Sonny that Simone's elder brother had arrived. "You have already spoken to Knox, I hope he made Simone's intentions clear." Sonny furrowed his brow. "Knox?" Alcazar smiled briefly. "My brother, he made his point, yes?" Sonny shoved his hands into the pockets of his slacks studying the man. He could see the resemblance all three siblings had. A calm, almost reserved manner on the surface, but underneath was something far more lethal. If he pushed his luck by trying to reach out to Simone once more, he could potentially be putting his young children at risk. He nodded slowly, "I won't bother her anymore."

Another smile emerged, this one far more sinister than the first. "See that you don't Mr. Corinthos, or my next visit will not be as pleasant as this one."

*Morgan and Sasha are the two unborn children of Sonny Corinthos GH created. Morgan being the unnamed son of Sonny and Carly, who died before birth and Sasha, the unnamed child of Sonny and Alexis, who's fate is yet determined.

**A continuation to The Gatekeeper