Coming Home

Coming Home

The Black Sheep One last drag, that was all he needed. Dylan Hornsby chuckled softly as he stood outside the ominous gates of the Quartermaine property. They weren't expecting him for another few days, but he knew all the right people would be there. Grandfather, sure to scowl and gruff over his choice of clothes. Grandmother to lavish affection. Alan, Monica, A.J. and Justus. Emily was still abroad for the summer, leaving only dear older brother Ned and his darling Mother to round out this gathering.

He was sure the faint Scottish timbre in his voice would surprise the family enormously. Spending the last decade in a private boarding school in Northern Scotland would naturally do something like that, but the family, more notably his Mother and Ned would still arch their eyebrows in wonderment at all the changes to the little boy they all ignored.

His cousins and brother would size him up, no doubt, wondering if he had any intentions towards ELQ. Dylan let out a laugh at the thought of going back to wearing a ridiculous uniform. No, he had found other more intriguing ways to earn a living, never having touched the trust fund that had been set up for him years earlier. The idea of touching the money that had been given to him out of family tradition rather than anything genuine made him nauseated. Perhaps he'd donate it to the Charles Street Foundation that A.J. ran with his fiancee. Dylan's mind wandered momentarily to the beautiful Keesha Ward. A.J. would be none to pleased to discover Dylan and Keesha already knew each other, in more ways than one.

Tossing the remaining cigarette to the ground, he exhaled and eased back into his jet black BMW. "You're coming home Dylan Hornsby. They won't forget about you this time."