Coming Around

Coming Around

The Gate Keeper "Don't sulk." Jerry pulled himself from his dark thoughts and regarded his wife grumpily. "I'll sulk if I want to." Dara rolled her eyes and handed him a cup of steaming coffee. "They're married and they will be expecting a child soon. Whether you like it or not, Stefan is going to be a part of this family and Isabella's life for a long time."

Jerry frowned at Dara's no nonsense tone but knew her words were true. "You know his history," Jerry said, taking a gulp of the hot liquid. Dara nodded. "There are bad moments, but there are good ones too." Stepping towards Jerry, she wrapped her arms tightly around him, knowing how difficult this was for him.

"Besides, I seem to recall many warnings issued in my direction when we got together. I knew you had a shady past, but I also knew how you made me feel and how strong our love was." Dara glanced up, seeing that Jerry's frown had faded. "True," he admitted before grinning slightly. "Nobody could change your mind."

"And nobody will change Isabella's. Not even her hero, Jericho Jacks." Jerry huffed slightly, but knew that very little would challenge his baby sister's faith in her new husband. For now, he'd back off, but at some point, he knew he and Stefan would have a good, long talk about the responsibilities in caring for a Jacks heart.

*A continuation of the postcards A New Life and Interference