The Uncharted Territory She should have seen it all along. Carly narrowed her gaze at the defendant and his attorney. Suspicion rippled through her as she offered them a critical look. All her life, she'd known what love looked like and although she'd never experienced it for herself, the clarity of Jason and Dara's exchange was hard to ignore. Jealousy nearly crippled her as she watched Dara rest her hand on Jason's forearm, whispering a few words before lifting it once more. What was more infuriating was Jason's reaction. It had been a long time since Carly had seen Jason so animated, so strangely intimate with a woman, especially one who had for years tried to put him behind bars.

She wasn't stupid. For months, Jason had been extra cautious around her, revealing little of where he went in his free time. She knew something was up and true to her nature, she needled at him and on a few occasions, followed him home. Yet the truth had been in front of her all along. Dara Jensen.

And she didn't like it one bit.