The Gruesome Twosome "Sorry Sonny," Alexis said evenly. "I won't bargain with my child's life." Carly rubbed her husband's forearm as he stiffened at Alexis's words. "Our child Alexis, yours and mine," he reminded her evenly. Carly smirked enjoying Alexis's obvious discomfort. "Sonny's baby will have a good life in our home," she assured Alexis, the sarcasm in her voice ringing loud and clear. Alexis's blood ran cold and instinctively, she placed her hand over her swollen abdomen in a protective gesture.

"Sweetheart?" His urgent voice carried across the room as he walked briskly towards her and within seconds he slid his arm around her waist and regarded the intruders with contempt. "Your presence is not welcome here and is disturbing to my wife, I will ask you once to leave without making a scene."

Sonny's eyes widened and his grip on Carly loosened. "Wife?" he asked in disbelief. Dade nodded tightly before turning his attention to Alexis. Bussing her gently on the cheek, "you need to rest," he insisted before a more silent message passed between them and without another word, Alexis left with her guard closely behind her.

"You have a choice as well, Mr. Corinthos. You leave Alexis and her child alone and I will ensure your name isn't put on a death certificate tonight." Sonny laughed, "you don't have the authority," he challenged.

"No, Mr. Corinthos, my son does not," Don Michael Corleone emerged from the shadows. "But I'm sure you know that I do."