The Truth Teller He was so cool. So calm and collected. His demeanor would infuriate her under normal circumstances. However, the look in his eyes betrayed any notion that these were 'normal circumstances'. His relaxed posture revealed no indication of what was to come once they were behind closed doors.

Her spine tingled with anticipation. "My husband wouldn't approve of your charity."

Her cool facade only served to amuse Jason. "Is that what you call it?" He pushed himself from the wall and slowly inched towards her. Her pulse quickened as his gaze raked over her possessively. "Maybe," she replied coyly.

"I don't give a damn what your husband thinks." She offered a curious arched brow in return to his bold statement. Dara had never heard Jason talk about Sonny like that. His hand reached up, cupping her face, his thumb caressing her smooth flesh. "I don't give a damn if you call this charity either."

Dara studied him for a moment. "What do you you give a damn about then?"

Jason responded quickly, taking her mouth in a dizzying kiss that left her breathless.