The Shepherds There it was again. The third time this week, only this time, the subway was partially full. His bumping couldn't be blamed on the crowd of passengers this time. Still, she couldn't say she didn't enjoy it. "Stop it," she hissed in a low voice. He said nothing, a knowning smile gracing his lips and she quickly turned away, hiding her own grin from his view. "Sorry, sweetheart," he murmured into her ear, his breath sending her whole body into shivers.

"Might I remind you, we're in Tokyo on business?" Jax nodded slowly, his grin never fading. "We're off the clock now," he reminded her, closing the distance between them even further. Simone swallowed hard, feeling his hardened member brush up against her once more. Bump number four. Feeling heat creep into her cheeks, she was glad the hotel was such a short distance from their stop. Her own arrousal was growing by leaps and bounds with each passing moment. The car slowed at the next stop and much of the late night crowd emptied out, leaving only a few near the far end of the car. Noting that the next stop was their's, Simone's heart skipped a beat. Bump number five was more insistent this time. With a wicked smile, her hand dropped and she discreetly cupped him in her hand, lazily stroking him. Jax let out a gasp, his hands clenching the poles for balance.

"Behave now, and you can bump me all night long." It was a promise she knew she would keep.


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